Yemen, where the conflict has not subsided for more than 60 years, has become the center of clashes between Shiite Houthi forces and the central government. The clashes spread throughout the country in 2014, and international actors were also involved in the current civil war after the bloody coup of the Houthis in the capital Sanaa in February 2015.


Since 2015, hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes, hunger and epidemics have claimed the lives of thousands of people. Approximately 24 million of the population out of 28 million currently live in need of humanitarian aid.


What Does Beşir Association Do for Yemen?
Food Aids

Within the scope of the humanitarian assistance activities, we carry out to meet the monthly basic food needs of families in need, by distributing food packages in Yemen.


Yemen Sacrifice Organizations

Within the scope of the sacrifice organizations, we regularly distribute the meat of sacrificed animals that are donated through the Beşir Association.


Yemen Ramadan Activities

We are working hard to share the barakah of Ramadan with our brothers and sisters on earth. With your donations, we distribute food packages, clothes, and set iftar tables in Yemen. We deliver your fitrah and zakat to those in need. By supporting our humanitarian assistance campaign in Yemen, where the greatest human tragedy of the last century has been experienced, you can conduce toward meeting the needs of our brothers and healing their wounds.