Millions of people were directly or indirectly affected by the civil war that started in Syria in 2011. The civil war that started with domestic actors in 2011 intensified with the involvement of international actors in the following years. Violence, destruction, and forced migration gained a multidimensional aspect with the increase of proxy wars. At least 400 thousand people have died since the beginning of the war, tens of thousands have been subjected to torture, 13.6 million people have been forced to leave their homelands. The war, in which various chemical gases were used, which were prohibited by international law from time to time, still continues today with its all brutality. 


What Does Beşir Association Do in Syria?

Once the refugee influx began in 2011, Beşir Association started its humanitarian operations in the field in order to deliver humanitarian assistance to those whose life heavily affected by brutal civil war.


Beşir Association maintains its humanitarian assistance operations for the Syrians with two coordination centers on Kilis and Reyhanlı borders.


Housing Aid-Briquette Houses

As a result of the civil war, 13.6 million people were forced to migrate. Of this number, 6.6 million are internally displaced people. Most of the IDPs live in makeshift tents that are not resistant to climate conditions. In order to prevent such problems, we are building briquette houses in Idlib, where the most internally displaced people are located. Our briquette houses have been building on a 40 m2 area and consist of a living room, a parent bedroom, a toilet, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a closed garden area (courtyard). Our briquette houses, where the sub-floor is insulated with concrete after filling, are designed to not be affected by adverse weather conditions in summer and winter with the upper roof made of concrete.


Our briquette houses with a 1-ton water tank were designed as a complete family space. Internally displaced families, who will meet all their needs in briquette houses, are happy to get rid of the makeshift tents they have lived for years.


341 of our briquette houses, which were designed as 3 stages of construction, have been completed and delivered to families in need of a safe shelter. In the project, which is aimed to increase the number of briquette houses to 1500 by the end of 2022, 7,500 people will benefit from safe housing.


To get further information about the Briquette House Project, please click here.


Bakery Ovens

In order to meet the bread needs of families living in camps in Azez and Idlib, bakeries with a daily capacity of 200 thousand bread were established in Kilis and Reyhanlı. Pita-type bread is produced in our bakeries and distributed daily by our teams to the refugees living in the camps.


Soup kitchens

The kitchens in Azez and Jarablus districts daily produce hot meals for more than 3 thousand people.


In addition, our mobile soup kitchen, which has the capacity to produce meals for 5 thousand people, continues to serve in Syria.


The Charity Markets

The charity markets we set up in Azez and Jerablus, allow war victim families to shop for free. Hundreds of families regularly meet their needs from our sharing points where food, cleaning, clothing, and other necessities are located.


Education Aids

Currently, 2.4 million school-age children in Syria cannot access education services. Children who cannot access educational services are recruited by terrorist organizations for a salary. Therefore, the schooling rate and educational activities are closely correlated with the stability of the region not only in the long term but also in the short term. As Beşir Association, we support institutions operating in this field in order to ensure that children who will rebuild the future of Syria do not fall behind in education. With support such as school construction and stationery assistance, Beşir Association helps children to grow up literate.


Qurbani Perform

The Syrians are also benefiting from the qurbani meats that Beşir Association distributes thanks to the qurban donations. We continue the sacrifice organizations, which we organize in oppressed geographies, as well as in the refugee camps in Syria.


Food Packages and WASH Assistance

Beşir Association distributes food packages in regular intervals, as well as other basic needs such as cleaning, hygiene kits, houseware, and clothes to those who are in need. Our humanitarian assistance for the Syrian people continues uninterruptedly. With the support you will give by your donations, we can make our sad and embarrassed immigrant brothers' lives easier and heal their wounds.