Arakan Muslims

Arakan is the name of a region in Myanmar on the border with Bangladesh and was mainly populated with Rohingya Muslims. Although many ethnic and religious groups in Myanmar are recognized by Myanmar, Rohingya Muslims have been systematically exposed to legal, political, and social discrimination by the Myanmar administration since the 1970s.


Essentially, Rohingya Muslims are regarded by the Myanmar administration as refugees from Bangladesh. The demand of the Buddhist population caused the government to increase their oppressive policies against Muslims, which has created inhumane conditions for Muslims for half a century.


With a citizenship law enacted in 1982, Rohingya Muslims were deprived of citizenship as a result of being considered refugees. Consequently, the great majority of the Rohingya Muslims have been left "stateless" according to the norms of International Law.


Rohingya Muslims have been subjected to mass violence since August 2017, under the pretext of fighting armed organizations by the Myanmar government. Since the same date, at least 10 thousand Rohingya Muslims have lost their lives due to the violent acts of the Myanmar administration. However, the cities where Arakanese Muslims settled were set on fire, the cities appear as ashes in satellite images. United Nations has described the Rohingya Muslims as the most persecuted minority in the world and has recognized violence against Rohingya Muslims as genocide.


Nearly one million Rohingya Muslims who have immigrated to Bangladesh are living in very difficult conditions. Along with the other serious challenges that they face in their daily life, in March 2021, a big fire broke out in the refugee camps in Cox Bazaar. Four people lost their lives and tens of thousands were injured in the fire, in which 8 thousand houses became unusable.


What Does Beşir Association Do for Rohingya Muslims?
Housing Aid

In Bangladesh, a camp for 8 thousand people was built from bamboo houses on the land allocated by the local government and allowed to build only temporary shelters in Cox Bazar. The bamboo houses have delivered to the families.


Educational Assistance

Hundreds of children receive education in the madrasa (school) we built in the Anadolu District, Cox Bazar.


Construction of Mosque

We built a mosque where people living in the Anatolian neighborhood can pray together and put it into the service of the public.


Child park

Based on the idea that Rohingya children living in the Anatolian neighborhood should have social spaces, a playground was built with the donations collected from the pocket money of university students under "GençKon" youth confederation.


Toilet and Bath

The toilet and bathroom, which could not be added to the plans of the houses built of bamboo due to the restrictions of the local government, were built at various points of the camp.


Water Wells

Approximately 60 water wells were drilled at depths of 150-300 meters for the people of Rohingya living in Cox Bazar Anadolu District and other camps to access clean drinking water.


Qurbani Perform

Brotherly Rohingya Muslims also benefit from the sacrifice shares donated to our association. With your donations, Beşir Association organizes the sacrifice organizations in refugee camps, along with the various other regions of the world. We regularly sacrifice animals and distribute the meat in the refugee camps in regular periods.


Food Package and WASH Distribution

We regularly deliver food packages, cleaning kits, household items, clothing, and basic humanitarian supplies to Rohingya Muslims staying in camps in Bangladesh. Our relief efforts for the people of Rohingya continue uninterruptedly. With your support and donations, we can make the lives of Rohingya Muslims easier.