Since the second half of the 20th century, humanitarian crises have been experienced in various regions of Palestine, whose lands have been occupied day by day due to Israel's expansion policy in the region. Despite the decisions and resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly, the Security Council, and the International Court of Justice foreseeing the withdrawal of Israel from the occupied territories, Israel is expanding its lands in the West Bank day by day and annexing it to its own territory. In addition, the blockade imposed by Israel on the Gaza strip is currently ongoing. All these bring about the unstable course of economic life in the region, the failure to achieve political unity, and the violations of the human rights of the Palestinians.


As Beşir Association, we do not remain silent to the current situation in Palestine and carry out humanitarian aid activities.


What Does Besir Association Do for Palestinians?
Palestine Food Aid

Beşir Association has been distributing food packages in Palestine in order to meet the monthly basic food needs of families in need.


Qurbani Perform Organizations

As part of the sacrifice organizations, we regularly made qurbani perform in Palestine and distribute them to families in need.


Palestine Ramadan Aids

We are working with all our might to share the barakah of the month of Ramadan-ı Sharif with our brothers and sisters on earth. With your donations, we distribute food packages in Palestine, set iftar tables, and distribute clothes for children. We deliver your fitrah to those in need.


Palestine Educational Aids

Beşir Association supports the education of the students of Fatima Zehra Kindergarten, where 100 students in total, 60 orphans, are educated in the District of Gaza.


Palestine Health Aids

Beşir Association continues to be the hope of families in need with its various health aid efforts. Beşir Association rushes to the aid of the oppressed with its activities such as counseling, medical aid, health screening, and treatment in the regions where the disease is prevalent. Beşir Association gives hope to the people of the region with the help of medicine and medical supplies it has made in Palestine, where people have difficulty meeting their basic needs due to the devastating effects of the ongoing war. Our health aid continues throughout Palestine, especially in Gaza.


Palestine Natural Disaster Aids

Beşir Association works to heal wounds and meet basic needs in emergency disasters all over the world. We carry out search and rescue activities in natural disasters occurring in the Palestinian region.