Social and Cultural Assistance

People of all ages, male or female, rich or poor need care, love and affection. Even if a person has no material problems, they still need social and cultural activities and events that will fulfill their spiritual needs, give them a sense of community and brighten their lives.

While thousands of families and millions of children need psychological support as a result of the ongoing wars and poverty around the world, the problems that emerge due to the captivation of material matter, the dizzying madness of modernism and lonely socialization leave an insurmountable effect on the identities of individuals.

Mankind has become increasingly lonely in the digital age, becoming introverted, anxious and distrusting. Work that centers around society and individuals needs to be focused on these points. As seclusion becomes more frequent, pessimism rises. We must act towards bringing people together spreading joy, peace and fulfilling their social interaction needs.

Social and cultural activities are an effective method for people to express themselves, find a place for themselves and be respected in society. At the same time, these activities ensure social cohesion, unity and solidarity.

In this sense, institutions serving in the field of humanitarian aid need to organize social and cultural events with financial assistance. It is necessary to analyze all aspects of life, to pinpoint the needs of individuals and fulfill them.

Beşir Association works in these areas as well. While determining the people who require the most help, looks not only into their financial needs but also their social and cultural needs, then assists in this field as well.

Being aware of the importance of social and cultural activities, Beşir Association organizes events in many areas within this scope. Beşir Association takes part in many areas of social life as well as charity work and strives to continue these activities with your support.

A few examples of the social and cultural aid projects of Beşir Association; The movie “Don't leave me” drew attention to the hardships orphans face throughout their lives and helped spread awareness to the grief that most mankind is oblivious to. There are also Mushaf-i sharif distributions among many poor communities around the world, and frequent blood drives organized with the Turkish Red Crescent. These projects are aimed at protecting our cultural and human values, as these can be quickly lost when in despair. Beşir Association works to bring back hope to the grief-stricken, to put a smile back on their faces.