In Turkish, the word “Beşir”, which gave its name to our association that was founded in 2011, means "heralding". Since the day it was founded, Beşir Association has set up its activities consistent with its name and has brought heralded to various provinces of our geography of affection.


In many parts of the world, we carry out activities to eliminate the grievances that occur due to various reasons such as natural disasters, climate-related problems, famine and drought, economic instability, and forced migration.


With partner organizations in various countries in the world, Beşir Association offers support for search and rescue food, shelter, clothing, education, sanitation-hygiene to the needy and carries out its activities by taking into consideration of needs analysis and human dignity. 


In addition to these, the principle of transparency is at the center of the works of the Beşir Association. Financial statements, which are regularly uploaded to the website of Beşir Association, can be accessed at any time, and donors can follow their donations instantly through the software BEYSİS developed by Beşir Association.


Beşir Association, which prioritizes the public interest in its works, is inspected by the Ministry of Interior every year and by its inspection unit every three months.